Clifton Renovation

Cincinnati, Ohio  -  2013-2016

The Clifton Renovation is a series of small interventions in an existing mid-century modern house in Cincinnati. The owner wanted to phase the work to disturb daily routine as little as possible. The first intervention involved converting a laundry room into an extra bedroom. A large window seat and copper-clad window box were added to bring more light and views into the room. Custom cabinets were created to capitalize on the truss space adjacent to the interior wall. The second step involved creating a combination laundry and bath area by expanding an existing bathroom and creating a custom sliding door system to divide the space and conceal the washer and dryer. The third move was to reconfigure the master bath, adding a new copper clad translucent window and oxidized steel-clad cabinetry. A shallow cedar deck was added to the rear of the property to replace built-in planters that were failing, and to organize the elevation.